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Maria works as a commercial model for Company Brochures, Websites, editorial Prints and Stock Photography.

Recently publications/interviews in magazines: interview 2012, Mama November 2011, July 2011,  (Nov. 2011),,, OMP Succes Story,,,, Succes Story and; How to make it as a 40+ model, FemmeXposure® Magazine: interview and publication, interview and publication, Castingnieuws cover and interview January 2013, 2013, 2013.


TV & Internet Commercials:

2011: TV Commercial in Belgium produced by New  Artiforte – TV Belgium

2013: Internet Commercial Kids Rights by Top Notch, Allen Grygierczyk, Regie: Kevin Boitelle

2013: Model and Moderator for Vectron, Duratec, Germany

2013: TV Commercial Menzis “Samen Gezond” (“Healthy Together”), by N=5, Amsterdam



Artistic Projects:

Space Oddity Project; Mark Janssen Photography; exhibition in Köln (nov 2011) and in Museum Den Haag (june 2012)

Artlimited Portfolio


Modelmayhem Edu Library:

How to make it as a 40+ model

How to be your own Make-up Artist

How to stay organized



40+ How to become a model after 40, interview with model Maria; its never too late to be a model, premium senior-model margaretha shares her story/″>; persoonlijk in de veertig en fotomodel; interview in de veertig en fotomodel”>; Model Maria !

Modelmazemagazine: issue month nov 2011 dedicated to model-maria

Modelup-magazine: publication July 2011; maria

Interview Castingnieuws

Blog on A Modelsdiary

Blog on DC



Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Model Mayhem: Picture of the Day Orginal version, okt 2012 & Animal Picture of the Day, okt 2012.

Model insider (9050): 5 x POTW 18+ winner, 2 x Model of the Week

Model Brigade: Showcase 2 x, 1 x POTW jan 2012, 1 x POTW april 2012, 1 x POTW 18+ nov 2011, 1 x POTW 18+ dec 2011, 2 x POTW 18+ jan 2012, 2 x POTW 18+ april 2012, 2 x POTW18+ may 2012, POTW and POTW 18+ june 2012, POTW july 2012, 2 x POTW and 2 x POTW 18+ august 2012, 1 x POTW 18+ september 2012, POTW 2 x oct 2012, POTW 1 x jan 2013, 2 x POTW 18+ feb 2013 (stopped portfolio on Model Brigade march 2013)  second place picture theme Couples and 9 showcase Gallery rewards, april 2012: Nude Picture of the Day award.



I am blessed to have worked with a group of great photographers.
I can not thank you enough for their kindness and creativity.

Starting January 2010:

Erik Bolding, the Netherlands (5 x )
Photographics, the Netherlands
Sander de Boer, the Netherlands
Bram Delmee, the Netherlands
Henk Marks, the Netherlands
Wim Taal Media, the Netherlands (2 x)
Jan Kruize, the Netherlands (4 x)
Gert van Dijk, the Netherlands
Anneke Fotografie, the Netherlands
Peter Stevens, the Netherlands (2 x)
Paradise Pictures, the Netherlands (2 x)
Ralph Bauhaus, Germany (2x)
Cor de Keijzer, the Netherlands
Fine Faces Photography, Germany
Liberty Ragazza Models, the Netherlands (2 x)
Ralph Lumner, Germany
Deko und More Dekoration, Germany
Sean Mac Andrew, the Netherlands
Robert Echeverry, the Netherlands
020 MC, the Netherlands
Florian Cats, the Netherlands
Frank Doorhof, the Netherlands
UP Image, USA, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, the Netherlands
Bert Schaeffer, the Netherlands (3 x)
Johan Koops, the Netherlands (2 x)
Jan Kees Helms, the Netherlands
Jan Stijnman, the Netherlands
Gerd Stromann,  Germany (2 x)
Art is Rebellion, Germany (2x)
Sander Drooglever, the Netherlands (3 x)
Niels Stomp, Arno Massee, the Netherlands
Karin Nussbaumer, the Netherlands
Morphis R. Noorda, the Netherlands
Tom Schuhmacher, Casa Studio, Germany
Lee Prince, the Netherlands
Allan Schaap, the Netherlands
Mark Janssen, the Netherlands
New Impact.BE, Belgium
Klaas Boonstra, the Netherlands
Buck Atelier, Germany
Christina Henningstad, Germany (2 x)
RJK-fotografie, the Netherlands (4 x)
Yvan Cuypers, Belgium
Trösten Steur, Germany (2 x)
Massingham, the Netherlands
Jan Niemeyer, the Netherlands (2 x)
Bart Grevers, the Netherlands
Roderick Lyods, the Netherlands
Omar Steentjes, the Netherlands
Charles Buwoski, Germany
Karl Dreyer, Germany (2x)
Roman Kasperski, Germany (2 x)
Nanning Teijnant, the Netherlands (2 x)
Mark Steffelaar, the Netherlands
Ben Ernst, the Netherlands
Stefan Schaal Photography, Germany (4 x)
Parallaxe XY, Germany (2 x)
Rallumer, Germany (2x)
Ghis Henri, the Netherlands
Goomfashion Sebastian Gauchos, the Netherlands
Stanislav Istratov, Flexdreams,  Ukraine/Russia
M. Lee Green, United Kingdom (2 x)
Alain Vandepontseele, Belgium
Patrick Ceuppens, Belgium
Patricia Wouterse, PMW Photography, the Netherlands, the Netherlands
Massimo van der Leeuw, the Netherlands
Xandro Media, the Netherlands (3x)
Erik Broeksema, the Netherlands (2 x), the Netherlands
Peter Feijen, the Netherlands
Levien Willems, the Netherlands
Jaimy Yordill, Belgium
M-Image, the Netherlands ( 2 x)
Photobowman, Germany
Eigenart, Germany
Jorg Dachs, Germany
Esthetic Modelmanagement, the Netherlands
William Vance, Germany
Ina Graf, Germany
Isambard, Germany
Richard Bloomfield, USA
Gunther Weddehagen, Germany
Alien Grygierczyk, Topnotch, the Netherlands
N=5, the Netherlands
Vectron, Germany
Glamourlights, Germany
Arco-Images, Germany
Schattemlicht, Ullrich Schlütter, Germany
Peter Czernich (, Germany (3 x)
Dankloff Stockphotography, the Netherlands (3x)
Toben Twiggs, Germany



Last update:  December 2013